Our Services

Assistance in institution selection

Counselling, application processing.

Information and guidance on scholarships.

Sells of mobile phones (Softbank, AU)

Accommodation and Airport pickup arrangement

Internet Service provider

Support Part time Job

Support for full time job

To Our Partners

Partner Institutions would ground itself to the business ethics and standards to strive and garner suitable numbers of students to all its partner Institutions as being result oriented. HANABI INTERNATIONAL LLC Partner Institutions would expect prompt response within certain time frame to avoided any mistake for enrollment details like application deadlines, intakes, fees, accommodations services related information, pickup and orientation schedule. Since HANABI INTERNATIONAL LLC understands the time essence and would be proactive and response with all communication and reply them promptly and suitably.

As an Authorized Representative for the institutions, HANABI INTERNATIONAL LLLC  facilitates the followings:

  • To promote the Provider and its course to prospective students and associates worldwide.

  • To supply market information to the Provider as required.

  • To obtain prior written approval from the Provider for any publications, advertising promotional material produced in which Trading Names name and /or logo are used.

  • To inform the provider well in advance the number of students being sent to enable the collage to adjust its resources as is required.

  • To ensure the fees will be paid up front.

To our Associates

Our objectives are simple to build a thriving, world-class business, offering outstanding services. We respond to the needs of internationals students, delivering the program they want in the locations they want. This ethos has underpinned our dramatic growth while delivering success for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Our reputation for delivering the highest quality program in the best locations of Japan will make us the first choice for your students. But it doesn’t stop there. At HANABI INTERNATIONAL, we recognize and value the importance of our associates, which is why we continually strive to offer the best possible support, including International Admissions Centers, providing you with a single contact point in each of our major cities of Japan.

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